MARAMA – Revive Daily Face Oil | 30ml


Natural skincare brand. Handmade in Raglan, NZ

A lightweight, non-greasy face oil that can be used by all skin types. Jojoba penetrates the skin easily, which makes it a great moisturizer, without making the skin feel oily. Horopito extract helps to promote circulation for a healthy skin, whilst rosehip oil has a deeply nourishing effect, helps even the skin tone and is very rich in vitamins A and C. Calendula is known for its healing and soothing properties.

Scent: A florally yet refreshing and uplifting scent, great to start your day with.


Horopito Extract
Horopito is a plant native to Aotearoa with a powerful peppery punch. When applied topically, the heat of the plant stimulates circulation to the skin.

Jojoba oil
This non-greasy oil is a highly penetrating emollient that mimics the natural sebum that coats our skin. It is rich in vitamins, renowned for its skin-renewing properties and rejuvenating effects.

Rosehip oil
A rich source of vitamins A and C. Used regularly, rosehip oil has a deeply nourishing effect on the mature and dehydrated skin. Helps to reduce an uneven skin tone and helps repair skin from sun damage.

Infusion of a gentle yet powerful herb that can may assist with dry and irritated skin conditions.


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