Hi, We're Wendy & Stan Lemmon

We are the founders and creators of Rivet Vintage. Everthing is either handmade or imported from Europe.

A keen eye
and a pair of cunning hands

After much planning and preparation we opened Rivet on 1 January 2017.  New year, New beginnings !!

With our love of design, quality and vintage we enjoy nothing more than sourcing that special piece for a customer, restoring or reinventing it to that unique piece, creating the perfect design and patina.

Wendy has a keen eye for vintage furniture and decorative utilitarian items from a time gone by and Stan is able to create almost anything with the right tools.  Together we keep our store stocked with unique and collectable items.

Rivet vintage industrial inside store
Rivet vintage industrial pillow suitcase chair

Things of quality have no fear of time

Rivet vintage industrial workshop
Rivet vintage industrial lamp
Rivet vintage industrial worksop tools