MARAMA – Calming Down Body Soap | 145gr


Natural skincare brand. Handmade in Raglan, NZ

Harmonise with your body’s rhythm to promote calmness. This bar is especially created for the bathing ritual to let go of daily stress factors and bring balance to your body and mind. The Kumerahou extract in this bar provides a rich and soft lather.

Scent: Release tension and combat the effects of stress by adding pure essential oils to your self-care ritual. This bar contains a calming blend of woody and floral essential oils of Cedarwood, Bergamot, Amyris and Rose Geranium.

Kumerahou Extract
Kumerahou was used topically in traditional Māori herbal medicine or Rongoa as healing agent for wounds and abrasions. Kumerahou is rich in sapponins which produce a soapy lather when mixed with water, hence the plants colloquial name ‘Gumdigger’s Soap’.

Olive Oil
Olive oil used in soap creates a rich and moisturizing lather. It’s great for people with dry and sensitive skin, because of its moisturizing compound.

Avocado Oil
Avocado oil is extremely rich in vitamins A, D, and E and is very moisturizing and softening for the skin. The oil has an extremely good nourishing compound, which makes it an ideal treatment for dehydrated, sun-damaged, and climate-damaged skin.

Rice Bran Oil
High in vitamins B & E and helps to reduce signs of aging while soothing and hydrating the skin. Plus, it helps to even out skin tone and texture.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil
The floral scent of this essential oil promotes feelings of relaxation, helps to restore balance and brings a sense of stability.

Cedarwood Essential Oil
The woody outdoorsy scent of Cedarwood has a grounding effect to calm nervous tension, balance an upset nervous system and promote an open and positive mind.

Dried Kiwi seeds
The exfoliating compound in this bar is dried kiwi seed, providing a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.

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